About Ziva

Hello, Chocolatistas!

We’re Ziva Chocolates…and we’re fanatical about chocolate in every way, shape & form. Call us crazy, but we’re of the impression that if everyone around the globe shared a little piece of chocolate with each other everyday, the world would be a much sweeter, more peaceful place! With that in mind, we’re starting the trend ourselves, with lofty dreams of a globally-united, never-ending affair with chocolate. Yummm. 🙂

Back to basics, we believe in using and consuming only the highest quality, most ethically-farmed, and – most importantly – best tasting chocolate and product ingredients from around the world. We are dedicated to and 100% focused on creating the most AMAZING (!!!) traditional and unconventional flavors you’ll ever taste!

Curious? Jonesing for a taste? Shop us on Etsy!

Questions? Comments? Need dessert catering or have a large order? Contact us at (juliew [at] zivachocolates [dot] com) with your custom order of 1-1000+ pieces!

Peace, love & chocolate…

Julie, founder

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